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A wonderful welcoming place, a nurturing haven, lapped by the song of the sea and graced by the loving kindness of the staff.


Residential Workshops

We offer residential workshops and courses dedicated to the needs of people living with illness, their families and carers, and those facing loss and bereavement.


Courageous Journey

When our health suffers life can be challenging. Through bringing the skills of meditation and compassion into our life we benefit from a more relaxed mind providing clarity and greater well being. This is a profound and natural way to care for ourselves.

During these residential workshops we will introduce meditation and loving kindness practice, offer a chance to reflect on personal experience and provide an opportunity to meet and share with others on a similar journey.

A small group weekend for people living with illness, to which participants can come on their own or with a supporter, such as a partner.

I don’t know of anywhere else where people can do this together.

Laura, Co. Clare


Facing Loss, Healing Grief


Supporting the personal experience of bereavement and loss

This weekend retreat is open to anyone who is grieving.

Grief is a natural response to the ongoing loss we experience when someone close leaves us or dies. The shock of separation and bereavement is often accompanied by feelings of intense sadness, distress or anger.

In this weekend, using meditation and reflections, we look at ways to be with our sorrow and to understand change and impermanence. Although our loss cannot be replaced, and we never forget, we can heal the pain of grief.


“For somebody who knew nothing about Buddhism and has a strong Catholic faith, this was a very, very special weekend. Thank you so much for your strength, wisdom and compassion.”

Participant, Facing Loss and Healing Grief, 2010


There are also many other courses and seminars of interest, such as courses dealing with healing relationships, and professional training courses.

Many of these courses take place in Dzogchen Beara's Centre House which has beautiful views out over the Atlantic ocean (3 minutes walk from Dechen Shying).


Upcoming courses and seminars

Some of our professional events are also open to the public. Please have a look at them:

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